About us

A warm welcome to AstrozCafe.

We are a group of expert astrologers, Tarot Readers, Vastu Consultants and Numerologists who are just one click away from you. Our flawless services are right at your disposal. We use the different predictive methods invented by wise sages and experts, thousands of years back. Till date, it is known to be the most authentic method of predictions that ever existed. We use this ancient and authentic method to understand and inform you about life's present and future course. We believe that modalities like astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Vastu can be a powerful instrument in guiding you towards the right direction. Life can be quite challenging at times, and with our expert guidance, you can face and solve issues more efficiently.

Vedic astrology predictions analyse the various planetary positions in the houses and their influence on your life. Vedic astrology also helps understand why you might be experiencing delays in certain things like marriage or career. It will give you a detailed picture of the potential future possibilities and your current state. You can take further help and guidance through Tarot cards , Numerology & Vastu to get more clarity about your most burning questions of your life.

Many of us tend to frown when they hear astrological solutions. But it's nothing to be worried or scared of. Astrological solution simply means your specific problems have to be dealt with in a specific way. That's when the birth chart comes in. With our guidance and suggestions you can achieve solutions to your problems. Together we can identify the reasons which are stopping you from ahead and reaching the goals that you are capable of achieving. An accurate reading of your horoscope or a Numero Chart or your Tarot Card can explain a lot more about your personal life than you can possibly imagine.

Astrology is both science and art. But it is not the ultimate decider of your fate. People often get confused about the benefits they can get from astrology. With us leading the way during your confused or difficult state, you can receive the solution by understanding your planetary positions and take advantage of the planet- phase.

Astrology and other modalities can answer the questions you have not even asked yourself. This science delves deep into who you truly are and what you can be. It helps you sort out issues and can be an empowered source to find your truest and most powerful side. It can improve your compatibility issues too and help you find a person who can be your ideal partner. Similarly, a small guidance in right direction can play a crucial role when it comes to making a career. With so many options and suggestions available everywhere, you might feel lost. With our experts and your birth chart , you can find out how to proceed to the career best suited for you. Owning the business is a coveted dream for many yet. Yet, the fear of not making it stops people from even trying it out. They start from backfoot because they already lack courage and confidence. Fear overtakes everything for them. Talking to an experienced consultant can help you find your inner courage.

Our Services or Area of Expertise
Our consultants are experts in helping you out in the areas are -

Marriage Problems
Are you worried about the marriage of your loved ones? Is the marriage getting delayed? Or are there not enough proposals? Is it the post-marital life that worries you? Don't worry! Our experts are right here to answer all your questions.

Career problems
Are you confused about how to establish yourself? Are you worried about your career? Should you go for government jobs, or is an independent way more suitable for you? Talk to our Expert Consultants and find what is meant for you.

Finance Issues
We all know how important money is. It is scary when the money stops coming in or something is causing you to lose more money than you are making. You don't have to be afraid anymore. Find the best solutions for your money problems right here with us.

Business Problems
Business problems are very common. If you are running at a loss for a long time or cannot decide which business is meant for you, you will be stressed and will fail to solve your problems. In that case, our expert consultant Astrologers and Tarot Readers help might be just the thing you need to improve your situation.

Health Problems
If you get sick easily or remain sick for a long time, it might be due to some planetary issues. Astrology can help with resolving chronic health issues.

Personality Analysis
Self improvement is the first step of being successful. From the natal chart or birth chart, astrology can help you with a detailed understanding of personality, emotional fabric and your choices. This can help you in understanding your mental and emotional set-up and choose your life choices accordingly.