Yellow Sapphire - Pukhraj (7 carat)

Yellow Sapphire - Pukhraj (7 carat)

Product Model No: Srilanka

$ 439

Yellow Sapphire stone brings success in Career, helps in Conception and for Marital bliss and prosperity and enthusiasm.It cures diseases and brings good health to the wearer.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of the Yellow Sapphire. Jupiter is the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology which represents wealth, marriage, children education and wisdom.It exponentially amplifies the effect of the areas related to the individuals life and brings positivity. Yellow Sapphire removes the malefic effects of Jupiter in your horoscope.It also brings wisdom and enhances wealth. At Astrozcafe we provide genuine and certified gemstones energized and fully attuned with mantras for the overall growth and benefit of the buyer.

The wearer of yellow sapphire gets the knowledge of the law, ethics, wit, wisdom, worldly happiness, physical power, cleverness, long life, good health, glory and mental peace, intelligence, good health, better behavior and a long life


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