Fire Opal ( 9 Carat)

Fire Opal ( 9 Carat)

Product Model No: Australian

$ 263

Natural Fire Opal stone brings success in Career, helps in Conception and for marital bliss, success in Love and relationship and prosperity and enthusiasm.It cures diseases and brings good health.


Venus is the ruling planet of the Fire Opal. Venus is the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology which represents marriage, love and relationship creative abilities and beauty. Fire Opal removes the malefic effect of Venus in your horoscope.Natural Fire opal Stone enhances creativity, beauty,luxury,romance in love and relationships, improves reproductive system, cures infertility issues. The benefits include healthier relationships, increased creative potential, more luxury and personal refinement.At Astrozcafe, we provide genuine and certified gemstones energized and fully attuned with mantras for the overall growth and benefit of the buyer.


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