Emerald 9 Carat Zambian

Emerald 9 Carat Zambian

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$ 263

9 Carat Emerald for Financial Stability, Communication Skills, Business growth, Focus in studies and to enhances creative abilities and artistic talents.


An Emerald is the gemstone for planet Mercury. It helps in financial growth and management, health related issues .Wearing an emerald gives strength to the planet Mercury located in the person's horoscope. It enhances and develops the reasoning ability, mathematical skills, intellectual capacity of a person . Wearing this gem can bring many benefits. A person can become a good orator or a speaker.At Astrozcafe we provide genuine and certified gemstones energized and fully attuned with mantras for the overall growth and benefit of the buyer.

Career Spell is the process of taking up Nature’s game in the Human hands.


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